The day we switched instruments

Korg ElectribeMX
Korg ElectribeMX

A cold, freezing evening in January. Static electricity from all that wool we have to wear these days was a potentially lethal combination with all our knobs and sliders. Living i Norway, we had barely seen sunlight since October.

We were out of ideas and inspiration. Our cat was grumpy from staying indoors, and so were we.

I had also noticed that many of our friends and family, who we spam with our music on a weekly basis, assumes that I just do the vocals on our tracks. Especially on a day like this, this was irritating.

What to do? How to lift our spirits so that we could create?

The idea popped up when Kai was showing me the principles of his Pittsburgh modular. The solution was simple: we switched instruments and roles.

He started making drum patterns and quirky sounds on my Electribe, while I created a patch on the modular and made some melodic loops on the Eigenharp which I then recorded to the Octatrack.

Because we changed our regular roles, Kai had to sing. He cranked up the autotune on the VoiceLive Touch and recorded the lead vocal.

The funny thing is that this track still sounds like Tic Tic. Over the years we have developed a common ground with sounds we both like and a common feel for how a song should evolve. Often we have trouble pointing out which sounds are mine, and which are Kai’s. In a couple of weeks, odds are this will happen with this track as well.

(The song “All Across Europe” is available on our EP “Where do we go”  from July 3rd 2017)

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