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Tic Tic is a synth duo consisting of Irene Svendsen og Kai Drange based in Kristiansand, Norway.

“We make electronic music with a hint of alternative nostalgia. Elements from trip-hop, synthpop and post-rock is all part of the mix. Bands that have influenced us include Massive Attack, Depeche Mode and Dead Can Dance.”

For the last seven years, Kai and Irene have collaborated as Tic Tic on compositions, lyrics, recording and mixing from their music studio in their home in Kristiansand.

Their debut album Comfort in the Echo was released on vinyl, CD and digitally on Apollon Records 14. August 2020.

In 2017 Tic Tic released the five-track EP Where do we go? on Straight Up! Music (US).


Tic Tic is Irene Svendsen and Kai Drange, based in Kristiansand, Norway.

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  1. Hi, thanks for creating Octachainer. I started to use it recently with Octatrack mkll. Problem I ran into is that slices are not correct. They seem to be evenly distributed, not to zero crossing, which means samples are badly cut. Also the Audio doesn’t play. I seem to be the only one having this problem? Do you have any idea why is that?
    Windows 10/64bit. Do you prepare your samples in Ableton and then slice?

    1. I’m unsure what the problem could be. All you need to do is:
      1. Load two or more samples of different lengths into octachainer
      2. Copy the generated .ot file and .wav over to the Octatrack

      The two most common mistakes are either to not copy the .ot file (it is the “metadata” file the Octatrack uses for the slice data, BPM, loop points, etc.), or to try to create the slices again on the Octatrack.

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