You Drank Ian – New music video

The music video “You Drank Ian” is part of our concert “Tic Tic Takes Time”.

In Tic Tic Takes Time, the Tic Tic universe is visualized using video art and elements from theater. The concert is a carefully directed performance where several art expressions merge into one performance.

Dancer/actress Ingrid Nøren Stenersen participates in the videos/visuals in the concert Tic Tic Takes Time. Screenshots from the music video You Drank Ian.


Actor/dancer: Ingrid Nøren Stenersen
Director: Jon Erik Myre
Photo/Edit: Gunstein Myre
Choreographer: Ingrid Nøren Stenersen
Music: Tic Tic (Irene Svendsen and Kai Drange)

This music video is supported by Kristiansand kommune and Cultiva.


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