Comfort in the Echo

Tic Tic’s debut album Comfort in the Echo is out on vinyl, CD and on digital platforms.

Programmed patterns are combined with expressive, electronic instruments. This creates an organic, imperfect and human sound.

We make electronic music with a hint of alternative nostalgia. Elements from trip-hop, synthpop and post-rock is all part of the mix. We strive to find a balance between the accessible and the experimental.

The album consists of ten songs written, arranged, produced and mixed by Tic Tic (Irene Svendsen and Kai Drange).

Music video: Everything Familiar


You can buy the album on the Apollon Records webshop or through our Bandcamp.

If you are more into streaming, you will find our album on all major digital platforms.

Said about this album

“Norwegian duo Tic Tic’s debut album, Comfort in the Echo, is my surprise hit of the year.”
– The Progressive Aspect

“This is a pop record not for pop music’s sake, but with a passion and a purpose, which is what sets it miles ahead of the generic, cookie-cutter pop that you find playing everywhere you turn.”
– Nine Circles

“It’s black pop tinged with prog. Indulge!” (Rated 9/10)

“There is nostalgia for both the eighties and the nineties, but the images that come to mind are not old and worn, they are new.”
– World of Metal

“This track evolves from caterpillar to butterfly right in front of you.”
– KMS Reviews (about the track Puppets and Toys)

Tic Tic – Comfort in the Echo

Release date: 14. August 2020
Label: Apollon Records
Cover Art: Kjell Otto Karlsen
Singles from the album: Autopilot and Everything Familiar

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