Fête de la musique – Lyon

Fête de la musique, also known as Music Day, is an annual celebration of music which takes place on 21 June. On Music Day the citizens are urged to play music outside in their neighborhoods or in public spaces and parks.

This year we were invited to play some tracks together with our friends in 1bisHill at their concert in Lyon, France. The “stage” was one of the many steep stairs up the hill in the old town of Lyon. A neighborhood concert with four different bands playing.

One of the songs we performed was our old tune Puppets and Toys in a new version with Kai on the Eigenharp, Irene on the Wavedrum and Morten and Simon on guitars and backing vocals.

We liked the way this song had evolved into something completely new, so we recorded it some weeks after the concert. Sending it back and forth between Norway and France.

In addition to the usual suspects in Tic Tic, this track features @mortenjohs and @simsmi from @1bisHill on bass, guitar and backing vocals.


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