Seaboard Block in a hardware setup

I've been interested in the Roli Blocks for a while. I liked the concept of a small, portable MPE controller, but was sceptical of their apparent dependence on a computer or iOS device. When I tried finding info on whether they would make sense in a more hardware oriented setup my searches only revealed other... Continue Reading →

Two months with a MacBook Air for audio

A while back I was writing about whether or not to introduce a computer to our setup. Now that I’ve had my MacBook Air for close to two months I wanted to write a follow-up on my experience so far. So, was it a good idea? I’m still not sure, actually. I have some frustrating... Continue Reading →

Getting started with Axoloti

I was a backer of Axoloti, a crowdfunded micro-controller board with inputs and outputs for audio and midi, as well as both USB client and host capabilities. The board is programmed with graphical patching software in similar to Max/MSP. I received my board shortly after I got my Eigenharp, and so I was too busy with EigenD and my new... Continue Reading →

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