Making music as a couple

Kai and Irene

The first thing anyone comments after I tell them I make music with my husband is: “Oh, that sounds so nice to do together as a couple”. Yes, it is really nice. We’re often wondering why not more spouses form bands?

As a husband and wife, living together for many years, you are already a team and used to cooperate. Not forcing your own ideas on the other person, but are open to the other’s thoughts and ideas.

“What are the odds of being married to someone you could form an electronic duo with?” Is the next statement from the ones we discuss this topic with. Well, I think the odds are pretty good actually. We’ve always been very into music and as a couple we spend a lot of time together. Since we both are creative persons it was just a matter of time before we stumbled upon a common creative project like Tic Tic.

Working on our music has become a nice “reward” for us. If we have some spare hours in the evening, we can then treat ourselves to some quality time spent making music together.

I sometimes wonder how it would sound if we made music separately? If Kai had his project and I had mine? Kai would probably make a lot of aggressive noise and controversial lyrics, while I would be stuck in avantgarde electronica, stubbornly not following any harmonies or rules. It is a good thing we have each other.

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